LabGear Australia 

"Not just another cog in the wheel"

LabGear Australia is an Australian based laboratory equipment supplier and distributor of scientific products. We offer a high quality range of laboratory equipment and consumables backed up by a fully equipped technical service department staffed by highly trained and experienced technicians. A full inventory of spare parts ensures that any piece of equipment sold by LabGear can be fully supported in the field resulting in minimal downtime and peace of mind for the busy scientist.

The owners of LabGear Australia have over ninety years’ experience in the supply and servicing of laboratory equipment and only select products of a high quality that have the strong support of overseas and local manufacturers. We do not make promises we cannot keep and we do not look the other way when our customers have a problem. We believe the best recommendation is from happy customers and we work very hard to make that happen. We are a proud Australian owned and operated company acting locally and thinking globally.

LabGuard Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Protect your greatest tools, your hands, with LABGUARD! Dermatitis can cause lack of productivity and missed work days. LABGUARD has been tested and proven to reduce the potential for dermatitis, helping keep your hands working great. 

Nichiryo Liquid Handling Products

The Nichiryo Premium and LT pipette models offer innovation in durability and strength with ceramic pistons, high durability seals and abrasion resistant nozzles. LabGear Australia also offers the Nichiryo Nichipet EXII Multi-channel pipettes.

SSI Vertex - The Peak of Pipetting

All SSI Vertex™ pipette tips are produced to be naturally low retentive. The Vertex family of tips feature SSI's specially formulated NoStick® resin, offering users an even higher degree of fluid confidence and control.


24 Jul
Nichiryo Nichipet in the Nobel Museum

Nichiryo Nichipet EX Now in the Nobel Museum

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012 and donated three Nichiryo pipettes to the Nobel Museum...

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4 Sep
Kraft Boxes - Recyclable, Renewable, Sustainable

SSIBio Moving to Kraft Boxes. Phasing out White Boxes.

SSIBio, our most valued plasticware supplier, are implementing minor changes to their packaging, which will have a far greater effect in the reduction of their environment impact.

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Planer's NEW CT37stax High Capacity Benchtop Incubator

The state of art new multi chamber benchtop incubator was launched at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Congress in Geneva on 3 July 2017...

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6 Jul
Planer CT37stax High Capacity Benchtop Incubator

Sonoco ThermoSafe's NEW Certis 2-Day Platform

Why pay for a 4-day temperature controlled package when you only need 2 days?

Just what you need.
Just when you need it.

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22 Jun
Sonoco Thermosafe Certis Platform and Carton