Geotech CO2 & O2 Portable Testers


Our Geotech portable carbon dioxide monitors are used in laboratories in incubators for the verification of IVF and within stem cell research. Laboratory incubators need to run at a constant temperature, humidity and CO2 level (5%) to maintain the correct conditions for optimum cell growth, embryo cultures and IVF. Whilst incubators themselves will have a built-in system for monitoring CO2, a portable CO2 analyser can quickly and accurately confirm the CO2, O2, humidity and temperature levels.

View Brochure: Geotech G100 CO2 Incubator Analyser Datasheet 

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"(UK) Clinics naturally want to increase their success rates due to the high stakes of this application and attract clients, for example an unsuccessful cycle can cost the patient approximately £3000. Potential patients also use the ‘Success Rates’ to help them choose which clinic to use."

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