Tuttnauer Large Scale Autoclaves 

Tuttnauer laboratory autoclave sterilisers are designed to provide high quality repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of lab applications, including: liquids, glassware, instruments, porous loads and other laboratory items.

Choosing the right steam steriliser depends on several considerations: the type of loads, frequency of use, available services and load volumes. The Tuttnauer line of large capacity sterilisers successfully meets the challenges posed by sterilisation in laboratories and research institutes. The sterilisers use pre-vacuum and gravity for air removal and improved steam penetration. The sterilisers cover a wide range of applications for laboratories in research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

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Tuttnauer TLC Line Autoclaves

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Tuttnauer 5075 HSG-D Economic Series Medium Size Autoclave - 160 L

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