IKA Rotary Evaporator - RV 10 control V-C

Product Code: IKAW8037900

The Ika RV 10 Control with motorised lift, allows for precise positioning of the glassware.
Digital displays for rotation speed and heating bath temperature allow for optimal control
of all distilling processes together with the integrated vacuum controller.
New clamp mechanism to simplify the changing of evaporation flasks.
Features Include:
- Motorised lift with integrated safety “lift-out-function“
- Water/oil heating bath with integrated ergonomic carrying handles
- Key-button with locking function for the heating bath temperature
- Adjustable immersion angle 0-45 degrees
- Digital displays for rotation speed, clockwise and counter clockwise
- Digital heating bath temperature
- Speed range 20 - 280 rpm
- Additional user safety through reduced 24 V power requirements within the unit
- New clamp mechanism
- Built in vacuum control
- Built in solvent library
- User definable operating programs
- Automatic operation
- Automatic volume dependent distillation programs
- Automated boiling point detection
Package Includes: Heating bath HB 10 and RV 10.10 Set of glassware, vertical.
Coated Glassware

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