5075 HSG-D Economic Series Medium Size Autoclave - 160 L (TUTTNAUER)

Product Code: TUTT5075HSG-D

A load capacity of 160 liters with a small footprint. Class B
HSG line - Hospital grade performance in OR and Large Clinics
• Built-in steam generator
• Pre and post vacuum - Class B
• Coiled jacket keeps the chamber warm
• Stainless steel stand
Key features:
Built-in printer - documents detailed history of each cycle
Narrow Design - fits through standard doorways
Minimal Footprint - high capacity autoclave which does not require a lot of space
Water Saving System – consumes only 5 liters of water per day (optional - WS model)
Plug & Play Independent Mode - no need to connect the autoclave to the building utilities for distilled water, tap water and drain (optional - WS model)
Easy to move - with built-in swivel wheels easily move autoclave
Easy to Install - connect to utilities with flexible piping
Adjustable Floor Layout – easily move and install autoclave when adjusting floor layout
Cost Effective Pricing - rounded chamber allows for economic pricing without compromising sterilization performance
Multi-Language Display - full-color display in local language
Built in printer, documents detailed history of each cycle
- Stand alone unit on wheels including 18kw steam generator and coiled jacket
- V6 vacuum pump for fast and efficient air-removal
- Full-color display
- Coiled jacket keeps the chamber warm and ready for use
- Includes Stainless Steel Stand on castors
- Power Requirements - 3 Phase 415 Volts, 20 Amps
- Warranty: 12 months full parts and labour

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