3850ELV-WR-D Vertical Autoclave - 65 L Portable (TUTTNAUER)

Product Code: TUTT3850ELV-WR-D

Chamber Capacity: 65 L Vertical Configuration
316Ti High Grade Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Chamber
3kw Heating Capacity
External Dimensions: 73.9cm (W) x 107.5cm (H) x 80cm (D)
Chamber Dimensions: Diameter 38cm; Depth 50cm
240 volts 15 amp power supply required
Schott Bottle Capacity - 1 x 5 litre, 4 x 2 litre, 8 x 1 litre, 24 x 500 ml, 38 x 250ml
Free standing
Water Reservoir that allows the machine to work independently of the utilities
2 x Flexible PT100 Probes
Temperature & Pressure Control & Monitor
30 Cycle Programs
Onboard Data Logging of last 200 runs
USB & Ethernet Connection Ports
Exhaust Steam Cooling
Warranty: 12 months

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