2840EK-D Table Top Autoclave - 28 L (TUTTNAUER)

Product Code: TUTT2840EK-D

• 28.5 litre Table Top Autoclave for Instruments (Class N)
• Power Requirements - 1 Phase 240 Volts, 6 amps
• Chamber Size W x D 280 x 430 (mm)
• External Dimensions (LxWxH, cm): 63 x 53 x 44
• 5 Trays. Dimensions D x W x H 415 x 170 x 20
• Open door drying at the end of the run
Primary Pressure and Temperature Control
Self-locking door with double safety locking mechanism
Door easy to open with one hand
Advanced control system with multi-color display
Durable 316L stainless steel electropolished chamber lasts longer
Stainless steel door with mirror polish surface is highly resistant to corrosion
Datalogging of the last 200 cycles on-board
Download cycle data to your USB memory device
Warranty: 12 months

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