MembraPure Water Purification Systems

MembraPure are one of the top players in their core market of water purification, TOC measurement, amino acid analysis and ion chromatography, offering an outstanding level of technology and quality such as EDI, post column derivatisation with Ninhydrin and NDIR TOC detection. All systems are manufactured in Germany using only the highest technology ensuring consistency and quality in their instruments. Continuous development of innovative components to further enhance efficiency in your workflows is one of their specialities. 

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Aquinity2 & Astacus2

Innovative Ultra Pure Water Systems

The new ultra pure water systems Aquinity2 and Astacus2 provide you with reliable and compact systems which produce ASTM Type I grade water. The Aquinity2 is fed directly from (tap) municipal or potable water whereas Astacus2 needs de-ionised water. Both systems ensure high comfort at low operating costs.

Advantages of the new systems

  • • Compact housing

  • • Big touchscreen

  • • Remote Service module

  • • Menus and wizards easy to use and mistake avoiding

  • • New fixed an flexible dispenser

  • • Easy access for cartridge exchangeMembraPure Range of Water Purification Systems

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