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LabChill and Fiocchetti Laboratory, Blood Banking and Pharmacy Refrigerators

LabChill Refrigerators

Providing the perfect storage conditions for your valuable samples, reagents and kits.

Available exclusively from LabGear Australia

The range of LabChill refrigerators are designed and purpose built for the laboratory. With stable and reliable temperature control, you can be assured the cabinet temperature remains between 2 and 8°C thus protecting the storage of it’s valuable contents.

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Key features:

  • LabChill Refrigerators• 2 to 8°C controlled temperature
    • Great cooling performance
    • Forced air circulation
    • Energy Efficient
    • Full alarm features
    • Solid or Glass door options
    • Models from 29L to 400L

Full 12 months Parts and Labour Warranty.

LabGear Australia LabChill refrigerators are covered by a comprehensive warranty and supported by LabGear Australia's own technical and support department. Our engineers are fully trained and licenced to carry out refrigeration repairs and maintenance, should the need arise. We hold spare parts and gas for fast and efficient response to your requests for support.

Fiocchetti Refrigerators

Fiocchetti RefrigeratorLabGear Australia also offers the full range of Fiocchetti's professional refrigerators, available in 1 or 2 range settings, designed and developed to store the best sanitary and biological thermosensitive products that need an accurate control of the storage temperature. This new Fiocchetti range is available either with ECT-F thermostat or with ECT-TOUCH controller. All equipment has an attractive and stylish design and the enhanced performances have improved the storage of medical products. Medika, Labor, Ter and Spark-proof equipment are available in different capacities and they can be customized according to the customers’ needs thanks also to a considerable number of accessories. The range covers applications such a storage of blood products, pharmaceuticals, and general temperature sensitive reagents. 

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LabGear Refrigerator - 400 L, 1 solid door

2,550.00 2550.0 AUD

LabGear Refrigerator - 400 L, 1 glass door

2,715.00 2715.0 AUD

LabGear Refrigerator - 300 L, 1 solid door

1,975.00 1975.0 AUD

LabGear Refrigerator - 29 L, 1 solid door

1,150.00 1150.0 AUD

LabGear Refrigerator - 140 L, 1 solid door

1,450.00 1450.0 AUD

LabGear Refrigerator - 300 L, 1 glass door

2,145.00 2145.0 AUD

LabGear Refrigerator - 140 L, 1 glass door

1,553.00 1553.0 AUD

LabGear Refrigerator - 29 L, 1 glass door

1,210.00 1210.0 AUD