PCR Machines from PCRmax

LabGear Australia offers both Real Time PCR and PCR range of products from PCRmax


The NEW Alpha Cycler range of thermal cyclers & PCR Machines. With either single, dual or quad block instruments available in 96 and 384 well formats or any combination of both in the multi-block systems scale and flexibility are at the core of the platform.

The Eco 48 qPCR system has the world most accurate thermal block of any qPCR system and an optical system with an ability to detect down to just 1 copy as well as being able to easily perform a 40 cycle protocol in 40 minutes utilising standard your standard chemistries.

Watch This Video: PCRMax Alpha AC1 and AC4 Cyclers - Simplified Optimisation

Watch This Video: Introducing the PCRmax Eco 48 Real Time qPCR System

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