Liquid Nitrogen Vessels from Custom Biogenic Systems

A complete range of Liquid Nitrogen Vessels from Custom Biogenic Systems

CBS Vapor Phase & Isothermal Storage Systems

Custom Biogenic Systems "Isothermal" Liquid nitrogen vapor storage systems allows frozen sample storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures without liquid nitrogen contact. This innovative design provides storage temperatures in the -190 degree Celsius range with absolutely no liquid nitrogen in the sample storage space. The PATENTED system totally eliminates the need to submerge any type of sample in liquid nitrogen. Each vapor storage system includes the advanced 2301 auto-fill / monitoring control to provide security and ease of operation. Four vapor storage systems are available, with sample storage capacities from 9,100 to 45,000, 2ml vials or 434 to 2,400 blood bags. An extensive selection of inventory racks or bag canisters and frames are available to complete the system. Custom configurations can also be designed to meet any requirements.

More details on the CBS Isothermal Website

CBS Standard LN2 Dewars

The LAB Series dewars use high efficiency super-insulation and aluminum construction to make them lightweight and the most efficient containers available. Their shape and handles make them easy to lift and pour. The LAB Series dewars can also be fitted with a pouring spout, withdrawal device, or dippers to aid in tranferring liquid nitrogen out of the dewar.

More details on the CBS Standard LN2 Dewar Website

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