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Hettich Incubators

Hettich's HettCube range of incubators brings cost savings and benefits the environment: HettCube incubators provide optimum conditions for the growth of cultures with an exceptionally low power consumption.

HettCube incubators have low noise levels, helping to create a pleasant working environment.

HettCube incubators not only meet the demanding requirements of our customers, they also benefit the environment. HettCube incubators are eco-friendly, user-friendly and of the highest quality.

The HettCube standard and cooled Incubators from Hettich in Germany are available in 150, 310 and 520 litre sizes and offer the most precise temperature specification in the market today with a range of 1K above ambient to +65⁰C for the non-cooled models and 0⁰C to +65⁰C for the cooled models. The low energy consumption (<0.05kWh) together with the high quality construction makes the HettCube the ideal choice for today’s most demanding laboratory environment.

Shel Lab incubators are available in sizes of 55 L to 1092 L. Shel Lab incubators accommodate a wide range of applications, which include: Biochemical Studies, Hematological Studies, General Purpose Incubator Applications, Bacterial Culturing and Research, Microbiological Determinations, Pharmaceutical Stability Assays, Food Processing Quality Control, Large Scale Roller Apparatus Applications

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