Syngene G:BOX Gel Documentation and Analysis

Syngene G:BOX

Gel Documentation and Analysis

Automated Imaging

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The G:BOX range has a number of variants, each designed to perform to the highest level for specific applications. With two different darkroom designs, each system uses a camera/lens assembly specifically chosen to produce the best possible images for the chosen application. Lighting configurations for the darkroom cover a wide range of sample types and applications ranging from fluorescence, chemiluminescence and visible light studies.


At the heart of each G:BOX is the GeneSys control software which takes automation to a new level. With a G:BOX system the user can elect to use full automated control by simply telling the G:BOX the application and GeneSys does the rest. Using the extensive database, the system is able to calculate the best lighting, filter and camera configuration for any dye or substrate being used. The final result is a high quality, quantifiable image at the touch of a button.


Syngene uses a unique range of CCD cameras – exclusive to us. In addition to the high sensitivity and resolutions, Syngene cameras have exceptional levels of quantum efficiency for superb image quality.

Easy multiplex western blot imaging

You can fit specific Syngene band pass filters and our exclusive LED lighting modules into a G:BOX. When the LED lighting module is plugged in, the GeneSys software automatically selects the optimum combination of lighting and filters available, making imaging all commercial fluorescent western stains a simple task.

Accurate automated analysis

To automate the imaging of chemiluminescent blots, fluorescent gels and coloured western blots you have to capture one or multiple images of the blot or gel, a task which is easy with Syngene’s GeneSys software. You can analyse the images with Syngene’s GeneTools software which separates bands or spots and analyses them to automatically provide precise results in seconds.

GeneSys Software

Watch This Video: Automated DNA capture in GeneSys

Learn how to simply automate DNA capture in GeneSys image acquisition software from Syngene. Syngene are world leading suppliers of gel documentation systems for rapid, accurate imaging and analysis of 1D gels, 2D gels, fluorescent and chemiluminescent blots.

Watch This Video: Automated chemiluminescence imaging in GeneSys

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