Snijders Labs Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-86⁰C)

The Snijders EVOSAFE series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers feature the latest technology to ensure maximum protection for your valuable samples whilst providing maximum protection for the environment. The EVOSAFE series are fitted with unique “PU” insulation between the interior and exterior panels. This system ensures all of the cooling is transferred to the interior of the freezer and therefore provides far superior insulation values than traditional foamed in place insulation and more recent vacuum insulation panel technologies. With the unique “PU” insulation the Freezer loses far less temperature than traditional brands and it takes twelve hours for the EVOSAFE to reach -10⁰C from -86⁰C compared to nine hours for traditional brands thus providing far more protection for your critical samples.

In today’s environmentally conscious world the EVOSAFE uses 30% less power than traditional freezers resulting in far less greenhouse gas emissions. A water cooled condenser option is also available providing even lower power consumption and lower air-conditioning costs for the laboratory. The Snijder EVOSAFE range is available in both upright and chest versions with sizes from 120 to 720 litres and comes with full data logging, alarm functionality, internet connectivity and a full five year peace of mind parts and labour warranty.

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