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The brand that exemplifies expertise and the very best of equipment for Freeze Drying, Speed Vacuum Concentration, Automated Nitrogen Blow-Down and Cold Traps. A range of small and large capacity Freeze Dryers & Cold Traps offering faster drying speeds, the lowest temperatures, easy maintenance free operation and a wide range of chambers and accessories.

High Performance, Environmentally Friendly, Convenience and Comfort, Economical, are the key words that describe this equipment.

HyperVap, an automated nitrogen blow down system, that achieves sample concentration by the injection of a controlled flow of inert gas into multiple sample tubes, whilst simultaneously controlling the sample(s) temperature. The entire concentration process can be programmed and controlled automatically with settings for the volume and flow rate of the gas, the temperature and the time for each cycle.

ScanVac-HyperVap Nitrogen blow-down Sample Concentrator Freeze Dryers feature:

  • • Bench Top models with either -55ºC to -110ºC condenser temperatures

  •  4, 9 or 15 litre capacities

  • • 2 Floor standing models with 80 liter condensers at -55ºC or -90ºC

  • • Offered as Basic, PRO or Superior versions with full microprocessor programming for time, temperature and pressure with optional pressure regulation, documentation or computer control.

  • • Accessories include a range of acrylic chambers with racks & shelves, with or without electric heating and stoppering and manifolds for flasks and ampoules for all types of applications.

CoolSafe - Bench Top Freeze Dryers Superior floor standing, high capacity Freeze Dryers

Watch This Video: LaboGene's CoolSafe Touch Panel

Watch This Video: How to Assemble and Operate the Freeze Dryer, CoolSafe

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LaboGene ScanVac Freeze Dryer CoolSafe 55-4 Touch

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LaboGene ScanVac Freeze Dryer 110-4 CoolSafe Touch

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