Hettich Lab Technology

Hettich Floor Standing Centrifuges

High-capacity floor-standing models for high throughput

Floor-standing centrifuges are designed for the centrifugation of large volumes using large sample containers. They are ideal for use in clinical laboratories, blood banks and pharmaceutical laboratories. Floor-standing centrifuges from Hettich are reliable tools for high-throughput screening.

The refrigerated underbench ROTANTA 460 RC and refrigerated floor-standing ROTANTA 460 RF help to reduce the time required for centrifugation substantially. A high performance and comprehensive range of accessories ensure centrifugation runs that are quick and reliable.

The high-capacity ROTIXA 500 RS can handle high volumes of samples.

In addition to the efficient centrifugation of blood bags, the ROTO SILENTA 630 RS is an outstanding centrifuge for large sample volumes. Its low noise emissions moreover contribute to a pleasant working environment for lab personnel. Computer-controlled centrifuges such as the ROTANTA 460 ROBOTIC can be used in situations where automatic handling of samples is possible. They can be integrated into any workstation.

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