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Durable, Functional, Sophisticated and Mature

The Hettich Centrifuge and Incubator range from Germany is manufactured to the highest quality standard and offers the greatest application flexibility on the market. Hettich have been designing and manufacturing Centrifuges and centrifuge related equipment and machines for over one hundred years and recently introduced their own range of high quality cooled and standard Incubators.

Hettich centrifuges are valued around the world. They are well designed, ergonomic and will provide years of reliable service. They have been proven in use in many different applications – now for over 100 years. Today, Hettich is one of the top manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges in the world.

Centrifuges are used in industrial facilities for production and quality assurance purposes, in research facilities and in medical laboratories for diagnostic purposes or to isolate blood constituents. 

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The Hettich range consists of the following centrifuges:

  • • Small centrifuges including hand-held models

  • • Haematocrit centrifuge

  • • Microcentrifuge

  • • Microlitre centrifuge

  • • Benchtop centrifuge

  • • Refrigerated centrifuge

  • • Blood collection centrifuge

  • • Standard medium and large capacity benchtop centrifuge

  • • Large capacity floor-standing centrifuge

  • • Automatic cell-washing systems

  • • Cooled and standard Incubators

The team at LabGear Australia have decades of combined experience in the sales, service and application support for centrifuges and centrifuge applications.

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