Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Tuttnauer design and manufacture autoclaves and autoclave products for laboratory sterilisation applications of liquid, glass, plastic ware and biohazard material. Autoclave features specifically designed for lab applications used in microbiology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries and general laboratories. Tuttnauer autoclaves are designed to provide high quality repeatable performance, documentation for laboratory applications to comply with your quality assurance processes.

The D Line Tuttnauer laboratory autoclaves have been designed to provide high quality repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of applications used in modern laboratories, which include:

  • • Liquid sterilisation (using flexible PT100 probe) with various cooling options

  • • Pipette and Glass sterilisation

  • • Instrument sterilisation (wrapped or unwrapped)

  • • Biohazard and Waste sterilisation

  • • Agar preparation

The team at LabGear Australia have decades of combined experience in the supply and support of a broad range of autoclaves, autoclave applications and sterlisation system development and are happy to support you in your autoclave and sterilisation requirements. LabGear Australia have the full range of Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Sterilizers available for sale.

If you are requiring any general autoclave service, repair or validation on any brand of autoclave, then please contact us for details.

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Watch This Video: Tuttnauer Autoclaves for Sterilisation and Infection Control

LabGear Australia is now a member of
The Sterilizing Research and Advisory Council of Australia (SRACA)

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