Biocision Standardizing Samples

A Range of Thermal Management Technologies

BioCision products offer advanced utility for standardising and protecting temperature-sensitive materials in cell and tissue culture and cryopreservation, histology, immunohistochemistry, virus and bacterial research, molecular biology, cell therapy, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biofuels research, and many other areas. The Biocision product range is that standard for passive controlled rate freezing a provides a mobile solution for internal cold chain logistics.

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NEW! ThawSTAR™ - Automated Thawing SystemThawSTAR™ - Automated Thawing System

The last gap in the cell cryopreservation workflow: cell thawing. Replacing common methods of cell thawing such as swirling frozen vials in communal water baths and warming vials between hands - methods that are not standardised and potentially jeopardise the integrity and safety of the sample - ThawSTAR ensures consistent and reproducible thawing.

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