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Globe Scientific is a leading producer of high-quality laboratory plasticware and glassware. For over 30 years Globe Scientific laboratory products have been used in clinical, research, hospital, veterinary, kit manufacturing, education and specialty industries.

Microscope Slides

Globe Scientific Microscope Slides

Globe Scientific is a worldwide leader in the microscope slide market. Our slides are produced from exceptional quality glass and are pre-cleaned and ready to use. From the smooth finish of their chemically etched frosted slides, to our famous "safety corners", Globe Scientific microscope slides will exceed your expectations.

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Tarsons Slide Box for Microscope - 100 place

56.00 56.0 AUD

Tarsons Slide Box for Microscope - 50 place

69.00 69.0 AUD

Tarsons Slide Box for Microscope - 25 place

36.00 36.0 AUD