SSIbio is Moving to Kraft Boxes. Phasing out White Boxes.

100% Recyclable, Renewable & Sustainable

LabGear Australia

Kraft Boxes - Recyclable, Renewable, SustainableLabGear Australia always endeavours to partner with environmentally aware suppliers. To reduce our carbon footprint is always in the forefront of our mind and using minimal packaging whilst still providing maximum protection, recycling and reusing packaging, are just a few ways we achieve this. Therefore we thought it was important to share what our suppliers are also doing in this area.

We are pleased to announce that SSIBio, our most valued plasticware supplier, are implementing minor changes to their packaging, which will have a far greater effect in the reduction of their environment impact.

Moving to Kraft Boxes. Phasing out White Boxes.

Over the next several months, SSI consumable products will transition to using 'kraft' (brown) outer cartons instead of white boxes, to be 100% switched by early 2018.

The benefits of kraft boxes:

  • Natural colour - no inks or processing have been applied.

  • Made from 60 to 100% recycled materials - the 'greenest' packaging material available. Boxes are 100% recyclable - making them preferred
    at institutions around the world.

  • Kraft boxes are less likely to pick up scuffs and scrapes in transit than white boxes

Fillpak® Instead of Bubble Wrap. 

SSI will also be moving to kraft paper filler instead of bubble wrap to fill voids in outer boxes. Paper filler has been proven to cushion and protect against shifting better than bubbles and offers the same ecological benefits as kraft boxes.

100% Recyclable, Renewable & Sustainable.

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