Exclusive Australian distributor for Arrayjet

Quality Microarray Solutions

LabGear Australia

LabGear Australia is pleased to announce its appointment as the exclusive Australian distributor for the Arrayjet range of microarray solutions. Arrayjet is a leading provider of innovative microarray solutions to researchers, drug development groups and diagnostic companies across 24 countries world-wide.  Offering a flexible, customer focused approach with the provision of Arrayjet Advance™ microarray printing services in addition to a range of five scalable microarray printers, accessories & consumables. Arrayjet's microarray printing technology uses a unique, non-contact, inkjet printhead that offers unrivalled speed, reproducibility and precision to deliver high quality microarrays faster than any other technology.

Arrayjet has been in the microarray market since 2005 with the launch of the Marathon microarrayer, the first in a range of four microarray instruments utilising the company's unique, non-contact inkjet technology.  Since then Arrayjet has developed the product range and diversified the offering with the launch of Arrayjet Advance microarray services in 2011.  LabGear Australia will provide full service back-up for the full Arrayjet product line. For more information please call 1800-LABGEAR or email sales@labgearaustralia.com.au